At Jonas and Associates our goal is to ensure our clients' superannuation delivers sought after financial security and positions them to realise their retirement dreams.

We put great emphasis on learning about each client, their individual circumstances and their objectives. This provides a sound base from which we are able to generate effective long-term superannuation strategies.

Modern law offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for retirement wealth generation through superannuation. For example, the taxation regulations applying to superannuation offer substantial savings over other forms of investment providing a real boost to its growth potential.

Factor in asset protection, succession and estate planning and the variety of permissible retirement income options, and the true potential of prudent superannuation planning is clear to see. The Jonas and Associates team are experts at realising that potential.

Personal insurances have become a major feature within modern superannuation planning and we can advise on the correct procedures to avoid any adverse taxation impact.

Working closely with our clients, we raise their understanding of the available options to give them greater control over their financial futures. We can even provide advice on how best to deal with Centrelink.

Take a positive step toward retirement security.

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